marriage bondBorn in 1785 and died before 1850.

Samual came from 3 generations of Archelaus, and they came from 2 generations of Thomas's.

Samual married twice: first to Nancy Bias in 1804 (who gave him 7 children) and secondly to Rebecca Nicely in 1824 (who gave him 6 children).

It is deduced that Samual is the father of Powhatan due to a "preponderance of evidence".

This family of Mitchells lived in the area of Lynchburg Virginia where 3 counties met, and you will find them in all of these surrounding counties of Campbell, Bedford and mostly Amherst, also around the James and Pedlar rivers.

In the late 1700's there was a Samual and Nancy Mitchell in Campbell and Amherst county. They should not be confused with my Samual and Nancy Mitchell in Amherst in the 1820's.

In 1838 Samuel B. Mitchell borrowed money from William Armstead to pay rent to James B. Davis. Twelve years later, Powhatan Mitchell purchased 150 acres from Whiting and Edith Davis.

In 1844 Samuel and Rebecca Mitchell sold 239 acres in Amherst, VA to Joseph Glasgow, Peter A. Salling and Alfred Douglas of Rockbridge county, VA.


An 1850 census of Amherst VA show his daughter, Rebecca Mitchell, who is 25 years old, the only person in the household with his two youngest children, Joseph and Sylvester, who are 12 and 10 years old. It is assumed both Samuel and Rebecca Mitchell by this time. On the same page of the census it shows his two sons, James, 23, and Alexander, 22, living in a building with others around their age who work on building the canal. Both James and Alexander are listed as carpenters.


Samual's first wife, Nancy Bias was born 1786 and died 1822. She was the daughter of Roland Bias and Nancy Jenkins. They had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Mitchell was born 7 Jan 1804 and died 4 Dec 1900. She married Charles Tooley and had 4 children. They lived in Cabell VA, Sheridan. WV and Macon Co. IL
  2. Samual Archelaus Mitchell born April 1806 and died after 1885. He married Elizabeth Ann Bryant and they had 7 children. They moved from Amherst VA to Sheridan, WV.
  3. Baby Mitchell born and died about 1810.
  4. Powhatan L. Mitchell born 1813 and died 1865. He is my direct line and has his own page here.
  5. Milly Mitchell born about 1815. She married Richard West Bourne in 1834.
  6. Willis Mitchell born about 1818.
  7. Baby Mitchell born and died about 1819.


Samual's second wife, Rebecca Nicely was born 1800 and died 1847. She was the daughter of Anthony Nicely and Ann Barbara Mourer. They had the following children:

  1. Rebecca Mitchell was born about 1825. In 1850 she is 25 and living alone with her 2 little brothers, their parents are dead by now.
  2. James A. Mitchell born about 1827.
  3. Alexander Mitchell was born 1829. He married Susan Bryant in 1854. They had 2 children, He worked in a mill and when he was 39, him and his wife could not read or write.
  4. Nancy Mitchell born about 1830.
  5. Joseph Mitchell born 1837 and died 20 Jan 1918. He married Nancy and had 10 children.
  6. Sylvester Mitchell born Ocyober 1840 and died 24 Aug 1909 in Boone, WV. He married Milley Turley and they had 10 children.

Archelaus P. Mitchell III

Born 1759 and died 31 August 1838 in Amherst, VA.


This day Archelaus Mitchell personally appeared before me, Archibald Stuart, one of the Justices of the General Court of Virginia, the same being a court of record, and made oath that he enlisted under Capt. Thomas Johnson, as a soldier in the regular service, in the late revolutionary war, about the year 1776, and that he served in the said war, in the third Regiment of Infantry, belonging to the Virginia line, commanded by Colonel Mercer, who was afterwords General Mercer, and fell at the battle of Pinstop, until the latter part of the year 1777 when he enlisted under Capt. Robert Powell, at the camp at White Marsh, in the state of Pennsylvania, as first Serjant, and continued to serve in that capacity, in the aforesaid thence regiment, at that time commanded by Colo. Thomas Marshall, and in other detachments, untill the year 1780, when he was honorably discharged. That he is now a resident citizen of the United States, and that by reason of his reduced circumstances in life, he stands in need of assistance from his country for support. That he is upwards of sixty four years of age, and that he was at the battles of White Plains, Brandy Wine, Germantown, Monmoath, and seize of Charlestown in South Carolina, where he was taken prisoner, but effected his escape, and joined a detachment of regular troops under the command of Colo. William Davis from whom he obtained his discharge.


In 1794 Archels. Mitchell of Amherst purchased 110 accres in Bedford. Land was on both sides of Shocco's creek. The following year he sold this same land for the same price.


Then in 1796 Archelaus father sold him 100 acres for 5 shillings. Four years later he sold this land and another 400 acres.


In 1824 Archelaus Mitchell had several deeds of trust and took the insolvent oath.


Archelaus married Million (Milly) Burks who was born between 1763 and 1766. They had the following 3 children:

  1. John Tarply Mitchell born 6 Aug 1783 and died 8 Oct 1865 in Mobile Alabama. He married Polly Reed and they had 7 children. He participated in the War of 1812.
  2. Samual Burks Mitchell was born 1785 and died before 1850. His profile is above.
  3. Archelaus Patterson Mitchell was born about 1790 and died 1830. He married Mary Rucker in 1815.


Archelaus then married Spicy Goodwin. She was born died 1837. They had the following 5 children:

  1. Mourning Mitchell born 10 June 1792 and died 1870 in Cabell Co. VA. She married Walter Williams in 1811 and had a daughter named Nancy.
  2. Jordan D. Mitchell born 17 Aug 1794 and died 1863. He married Isabel Gore in 1818 and had 8 children.
  3. P. Pleasant Mitchell born 1795 and died 1856 in Amherst, VA. He married Aphia Jones and had 5 children. Then he married Catherine Profitt in 1831 and had a son. In 1834 he married Mary Ann Bell and had 2 children.
  4. Micajah Mitchell was born 3 Sep 1813 and died 15 Jun 1868 in Union Township, WV. He married Frances Elkins and had 7 children.
  5. Gustavus Mitchell born 1815 and died 15 June 1868 in Union City WV.

Archelaus Mitchell Jr.

Born 27 July 1725 in New Kent, Virginia and died 1792 in Amherst, Virginia.


Virginia Gazette (Pinkney), Williamsburg, August 17, 1775.

RUN away from the subscriber, in Charles City, the 20th of July, a negro fellow, named BOB, about 22 years of age, with a remarkable scar on his upper lip; he has an innocent look, is slow of speech, and very artful. A few months ago he attempted to pass to South Caroliina by getting a forged pass. I will give TWENTY SHILLINGS reward to any person that will secure him in any gaol, so that I get him, besides what the law allows. He is supposed to be with a negro woman belonging to the estate of James Bachurst, deceased, named Hannah, who is now run away also. ARCHELAUS MITCHELL


This was the year Archelaus Mitchell purchased 200 acres on north side of Buffalo, part of 1370 acres formerly that of Carter Braxton. Then 5 years later he purchased 2 more tracts of land totaling 426 acres.


In 1794 Archelaus and his wife Hannah sold 198 acres that his son John was living on. The next year he sold land to his son Thomas. Also 100 acres to his son Archelaus. In 1796 he sold 95 acres to his other son Bowlin. He also gave him a 9 year old slave and other personal property.


In 1796 he gave a 13 year old slave boy to his daughter, Martha, husband Dr. John Trent for 1 dollar.

Archelaus Mitchell married Hannah Gregory in 1756. She was born in 1735 and died in 1799. They had the following children:

  1. Anna Mitchell born about 1757 and died 1800. She married George Stovall in 1778 and they had a daughter named Caroline. She then married Jeremiah Taylor in 1783.
  2. Archelaus P. Mitchell born 1759 and died 1838. He is the Archelaus mentioned above.
  3. John Mitchell was born about 1760 and married Elizabeth Hardwick in 1783. They had one girl and 4 boys.
  4. Sally Mitchell born 9 May 1762 and died 1828. She married Samuel Bell in 1780 and they had one girl and two boys. They named one of their boys Powhatan Bolling Bell.
  5. Lucy Mitchell was born about 1765 and died in 1799. She married Samuel Hill in 1786 and they had 4 girls and 1 girl.
  6. Thomas Mitchell born 2 January 1770. He married Eady Trent in 1792. Thomas and his sister Martha married siblings in a double wedding.
  7. Martha Patsy Mitchell born about 1771 and died 27 November 1854 in Henry Virginia. She married Dr. John B. Trent in 1792 and they had 2 girls and 1 boy.
  8. Stilly Mitchell was born about 1779. She married William Jones in 1802.
  9. Bowlin Mitchell was born before 1784. He married Nancy White on 11 September 1805 in Amherst Virginia.

Archelaus Mitchell

Born 9 February 1703 in New Kent Virginia. He married Ann Reed who was born 20 January 1708 and died 1744 in Dorset England. They had the following children:

  1. Archelaus Mitchell Jr. born 1725 and died 1792. He is mentioned above.
  2. William Mitchell born 14 April 1730 and died 1796 in Caswell North Carolina. He married Agnes Payne in 1749 and they had a daughter, Patsy Ann. He then married a woman by the last name of Henslee. He was in the Revolutionary War.
  3. Susanna Mitchell born 16 May 1734 in New Kent Virginia and died 1788 in Caswell North Carolina. She married George Barker.
  4. Lucy Mitchell born 18 Jul 1736 and died 18 January 1805. She married John Perkins and they had 7 boys and 1 girl.
  5. Mary Mitchell was born 19 Sep 1738 and died in 1831 in Rowan, North Carolina. She married Archibald Bryce in 1769 and they had 9 children.

Thomas Mitchell

Born 1661 in New Kent, Virginia and died 6 January 1736, also in New Kent, Virginia.


Thomas was granted 2,436 acres in New Kent County, Virginia on 20 February 1683, "being land he now lives on." From 1684 he served as vestryman at St. Peter's Parish and in 1687 he was Church Warden. He received another 1,680 acres in 1687. Among his slaves were Nancy, born 1727, Cesar, born 1729, and Dick, died 1734.


In 1696 he married Mary Gregory. She was born 29 June 1665 to John Gregory and Elizabeth Bishop in Essex, Rappahannock, Virginia and died 2 Apr 1727. They had the following children:

  1. Martha Mitchell born 22 Sep 1697 and died after 1776. She married Thomas Beard and had 3 children.
  2. Thomas Mitchell III born 3 Jan 1701 and died 3 Oct 1776. He married Elizabeth and they had 5 children, one of them they also named Archelaus.
  3. Archelaus Mitchell born in 1703 is mentioned above.
  4. Rebecca Mitchell born 1705 and died 1776.

Thomas Mitchell

Thomas was born 1645.