Bolling and Mary AnnBorn 28 November 1844 and died 29 April 1926.

Died at the age of 82. Received 126 acres from his fathers estate on August 11, 1873.

Confederate Civil War Veteran, spent time at Point Lookout, Maryland as a prisoner of war. Private, Captain Kirkpatrick's Company, Virginia Light Artillery on Jan. 3 1863 as a private. At Battle of Wilderness, May 1864, he suffered a wound to a finger. He was captured at Fisher's Hill - Sept. 22, 1864. After time in a Union POW camp (Point Lookout), he was exchanged 20 March 1865. Possible home on sick furlough when Lee's army surrendered. He was eventually paroled.

In 1868 Bolling married Mary Ann Reynolds and she bore him 6 boys and 6 girls. Bolling was a farmer as you can tell from this only picture I have of him which shows a pig at his knee.

In the 1870 census of Amherst Co. Virginia "Boling" and his family were living next door to his sister and her family, Virginia Morris.

Then in the Amherst Co. VA, 1880 Census, Bowling Mitchell is living between his other sister's family, Isabella Morris, and a mulatto family of a former slave by the name of Thomas Mitchell, who is 2 years younger than himself.

In 1909 "Bowland L. Mitchell" filled out pension form no. 2: Application of soldier, sailor or marine for disability by reason of disease or the infirmities of age. It was approved. The writing is very difficult to read, but I could make out that he had wounded his left hand which "causes my fingers to be stiff" and was 65 years old.

14 May 1926 Heirs of Bowling L. Mitchell
P.P. Mitchell 56 - son - Naola
VA Sallie B. Hudson 54 - dau - Roanoke VA
C.W. Mitchell 52 - son - Lynchburg VA
Cornelia Tomlinson 50 - dau - Big Island VA
Estelle Tanner 48 - dau - Colemans Falls VA
Emma Hicks 46 - dau - Roanoke VA
Lillie Thomas 42 - dau - Lynchburg VA
Sidney B. Mitchell 40 - son - Lynchburg VA
C.C. Mitchell 38 - son - Naola VA
D.E. Mitchell 33 - son - Roanoke VA
Administrator Powhatan P. Mitchell

Wife and children of Bolling Lewis Mitchell

Mary Ann Reynolds was the first born of 8 children to Legrand Ferdinand Cortez Reynolds and Elizabeth Snyder on 5 December 1849 and died 12 November 1925. When the Civil War broke out she was just hitting puberty at the age of 12. Her father left to join the confederates in this war.

Mary Ann, also known as Molly, married Bolling when she was 19 and had the following children:

Powhatan Pleasant Mitchell

Born 19 Nov 1869 and died 29 July 1952.

Powhatan has his own page here.

Sally Betty Mitchell

Born 31 January 1872 and died of a stroke 30 March 1950.

Sally married James W. Hudson and had 2 boys. Her first son, Garford Orlander Hudson married Gertie and then died in 1923 at the age of 25 1/2 of a gunshot wound to his leg and chest. It is listed as a homicide. At the time he was a fireman for the N & W Railroad. When her second son, William Creed Hudson, died in 1951 of a heart attack, it said he was a widower and his wives name was Olie. He was 51 years old.


In 1900 her sister Estelle was living with her and her family. After Sally's husband died, before 1910, she ran a boarding house to survive.

Curtis William Mitchell

Born 28 September 1873 and died 29 October 1942 of congested heart failure.

Curtis worked for the railway in his early years, then became a farmer in Bedford County Virginia. He married Lessie Leftwich and they had a son, William Donald Mitchell in 1915. Lessie died in 1953 of a diabetic coma.


Gracie Mitchell used to call him uncle Cort. She said he went blind before he died.

Cornelia Elizabeth Mitchell

Born 12 September 1875 and died 11 November 1945.

Cornelia married Stephen Tomlinson and, according to Gracie Mitchell, had 6 children. The census records only show 4 children, though no census could be found for 1900 and 1910. Cornelia was a good hearted woman.


Both her and her husband died of chronic nephritis (kidneys). The 1940 census show Cornelia and her husband are elderly but working on the farm, and their eldest son, Vernon is living with them with his wife and a negro named Albert Scott who works on the farm with them. All the men are listed as having worked 70 hours the previous week.


Their second son, Stephen Talmage Tomlinson married Margaret Ament and was working for A.T.&T. as a linesman when he was 30 years old and died from a fall while at work.


Their next child, Astor Theodore Tomlinson married Mary Ellen Tanner and had 6 children: 3 girls that may still be living, William, Patsy and Quentin.

Anne Estelle Mitchell

Born 3 November 1877 and died 23 June 1966 of malnutrition. She had fractured her hip 3 years previously.

In 1900 she was in her parents census and her sister Sally's census. She may of been visiting one or the other. Soon after she married McLeod Tanner and had a baby girl (Myrtle) in 1914. Anne lived 89 years.

Emma Virginia Mitchell

Emma Virginia MitchellBorn 12 January 1880 and died 13 September 1955.

The 1900 census show her to be living at home with her parents, but by 2 years later she is married to Neville Hicks and has had her first child. Emma had 9 children total and raised them in Roanoke Virginia. Her husband was an engineer for the N & W Railroad.

Emma Hicks died at the age of 75 of a neoplasm of the sternum. It had been there for 12-13 years.


Their children were:

1.) Violet Odell Hicks who married Carl Arthur Roscoe Lee and had 1 boy and 2 girls. Violet died of colon and stomach cancer.

2.) Nora Canary Hicks who married Conrad Heath Fleming and had 3 boys: Harroll, Curtis and Ronald.

3.) Reba Mae Hicks married Virgil Mitchell Cooper and had a boy and a girl. She died at the age of 101.

4.) Celestia Isabell Hicks married Stanford Edward Woolwine and had 2 boys.

5.) Thelma Beatrice Hicks married Edward John Powers and had one girl.

6.) Neville Melton Hicks Jr. married Frances Louise Farmer, was in WWII and at the age of 57 committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

7.) a son who may still be alive.

8.) Aubrey Manis Hicks married Mary Elizabeth Norris. He is a veteran of WWI and died of renal cancer.

9.) Virginia Elizabeth Hicks died at the age of 8 years of flu and cretinism. Cretinism is severely stunted physical and mental growth owing to untreated congenital deficiency of thyroid hormone.

Minnie Lula Mitchell

Born and died 1882 - stillborn.

Lillie Lou MitchellLillie Lou Mitchell

Born 6 February 1884 and died 19 November 1976.

She married Harry Thomas in 1904 and gave him 8 children. In 1910 her husband was working as a manager of a dairy farm in Bedford County Virginia and she had already 3 children and a boarder living with them who worked the farm for them.

Lillie Lou helped her brother, Powhatan, with some housekeeping when he was between wives and had small children, between 1906 and 1908. He had 5 living children at the time. Lillie would of had one child in diapers and being pregnant and delivering a child herself, so I can't imagine her being much help. Her niece remembers that she used to "talk alot, and fussed and complained". Her grandson through her youngest daughter remembers "she wasn't the nicest person in the world. She lived in Lynchburg and I remember visiting Grandma Thomas in a little nothing of a house on a hill. She lived to a ripe old age also, if memory serves me." Lillie Lou was 92 years old when she died.


Lillie's husband died when he was 67 and his death certificate said he was seperated from his wife and had been a resident of the local insane asylum for over a year. I don't know when they seperated, but their daughter, Geraldine, told her son he died when she was very young when in fact, she was actually 30 years old.


Their children were:

1.) Fred Carrington Thomas, who was a textile worker when he was 21 and got lockjaw, a symptom of tetanus, which killed him.

2.) Hazel Adair Thomas married Gordon Mays Farmer. They had no children and she died when she was 92 years old.

3.) Clyde Lewis Thomas married Cecil Grizelda Couch and had 2 daughters.

4.) Sydney Newman Thomas married Nettie Maude Overstreet and died when he was 66 of lung cancer. He was a veteran of WWII.

5.) Christine Virginia Thomas married her third husband when she was 39 and he was 61. She died in a house fire.

6.) Geraldine Hudson Thomas married twice and had 2 sons to her second husband, Emmett Randolph Allen. The first son was a redhead (who Lillie used to call "REDBOY"), married 3 times and died of skin cancer.

7.) Curtis Harry Thomas died when he was 6 years old of kidney disease.

8.) Royal Lester Thomas married Frances Wooldridge Roll and died of lung cancer. He was in WWII and owned Thomas Alignment Service when he retired.

Sidney Bolling Mitchell

Born 17 September 1884 and died 22 August 1969 in Lynchburg, Virginia.

In 1920 in Bedford Co. VA Sidney and his brother Powhatan bought land near Lynchburg thinking their children would want to move closer to the city to get jobs. His WWI draft card shows he had red hair.

Sidney married Cora Hackworth and had a son he named Junior. He was a farmer. Junior married and divorced twice and had 2 sons.

Charlie Cleveland Mitchell

Born 8 September 1887 and died 27 September 1961 of a heart attack.

Charlie married Myrtle Mamie Saunders and had a daughter, Margaret Elizabeth Mitchell Metoy. He was a repairman of airbrakes on the railway.

Robert Wilbur Mitchell

Born 24 September 1889 and died in 1891.

David Edward Mitchell

Born 24 Sep 1889 and died 15 May 1968 in Salem Virginia of brochopneumonia.

David married Mary Love Wood and they had a girl and 4 boys. He was a big man, weighing 300 pounds.

When he married her he was 28 and she was 16. David was a farmer.


Their children were:

1.) Katherine Lee Mitchell married Delmas Stapler Seagle who was 12 years older than her. He was previously divorced with 4 children and spent time in a "penitentiary". Soon after marrying him, when she was 22 years old, he shot her in the head and chest and then shot himself in the head. A murder/suicide.

2.) William Lewis Mitchell married and divorced Frances Ward. They had 2 children. He was a plasterer in the construction industry and in WWII.

3.) Son born in 1929 who may still be alive.

4.) Son born in 1932 who may still be alive.

5.) Russell Gene Mitchell married and was an Army vet. He was retired from Western Electric.




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