From the collection of Carrie Wortman Mitchell

There are more from the following families, which I will lookup for anyone interested: Mitchell, Wortman, Maffett, Rutter, Gardner, French, Gheen and Phillips.

1907 Mitchell

Memorial to Genevieve Mitchell Ellmore.

1915 Rouse

Birthday party for Martha Eileen Rouse Mitchell.

1920 Maffett

Divorce for Henrietta Maffett French.

1922 Mitchell

Carrie Mitchell in Daughters of America.

1931 Maffett

Raymond Maffett attempts suicide in bus terminal.

1933 Mitchell

Lester Mitchell dies in car accident.

1938 Wortman

Wortman family reunion.

1938 Maffett

Maffett family reunion.

1940's Mitchell

J.W. Mitchell - shopkeeper.

1944 Maffett

Tyler Maffett MIA.

1946 Wortman

Minnie Wortman Fouche dies.

1948 Maffett

Marion Kenyon (who married Maffett cousins) died.

1953 Maffett

Mary Cunningham Maffett died.

1955 Maffett

This is the person who attempted suicide.

1956 Wortman

Lois Wortman drowns.