Mark Mitchell

This is my direct line, so he has his own page.

Mark married twice, having 4 children to each wife. They lived in Essex County Virginia and after his death most of his family moved to Madison County Virginia.

Phoebe Mitchell

Died: Bef 1807

Phoebe is the only one of the children that died before their father John did. By his death in 1807 she had married a Sale and had children. Her brother-in-law, William Sale, was guardian of her children and I believe her husband's first name was John.

Reuben Mitchell

Born: Bef 1764
Died: 1826 - Spotsylvania, VA

1785 Essex Co. Tax List Reuben Mitchell had the following slaves: Winny, Bette, Jack, Tom, Beck, Nan, Morton, William, and Joe. Only free white males over 21 years of age were taxed, so Reuben would have been born before 1764.

1787 Reuben is listed in Caroline Co. tax list and Ann Jones is paying his tax for him. She was also paying for 10 blacks under 16, 10 blacks over 16, 3 horses, 20 cattle, and for owning a 2 wheeled chair. More than likely Reuben was acting as an overseer.

In 1787 and 1788 Reuben takes John Hall to court for a debt owed him.

Reuben Mitchell's first wife was Elizabeth Campbell, who was the sister of Jane Campbell who married Reuben's brother Caleb. They had 1 daughter named Elizabeth who married James Alsop.

Reuben had married Peggy Collins by 1799 which is the first time his name is mentioned in the chancery papers of her fathers estate. Peggy's sister Jane married Reuben's other brother Andrew. Reuben and Peggy had 8 children (2 girls and 6 boys).

From the HISTORY OF THE COLLINS FAMILY, CAROLINE CO. VA by Herbert Ridgeway Collins on page 26 it says that Reuben Mitchell, son of John Mitchell, married Peggy Collins, daughter of Thomas Collins, Jr. and Margaret, his wife, which is correct. It then says "Rueben Mitchell died in 1796 and his will was proved in Caroline in July, 1796. (Caroline Minute Book)". I have looked in the Caroline Minute Book for that month and reread it three times and there is no mention of Reuben Mitchell. Reuben Mitchell was very much alive when his father John died in 1807 and in 1817 when in this same book on page 144 he witnessed the will of Josiah Collins, and then proved it by his oath in the Spotsylvania County court on 7 July 1823.

In 1810 Reuben leased 150 acres in Spotsylvania County Virginia. At that time he had 6 children and 8 slaves. Ten years later he had 9 children and 12 slaves.

Reuben Mitchell died between January 1826 and March 1826 which was when his will was written and then proved in court. It was found in loose wills and manuscripts - Spots. Co.

Caleb Mitchell

Born: Abt 1765
Died: After 1819

In 1810 Caleb was living in Caroline County Virginia with his family and 7 slaves. He married Jane Campbell and they had 2 boys and 2 girls.

In January of 1819 there were two tracts of land in Caroline Co. on the south side of the Mattapony River bounded by Apperson, Wharton, Bullard, Martin, Campbell, Jones, Dauguetown Swamp, Bethel Meetinghouse, Caleb Mitchell and Woolfolk. This gives us an idea of where he lived, and that he probably lived on land that formerly belonged to his wife, Jane Campbell's family.

Andrew Mitchell

Born: 1765-1770
Died: After 1832

Andrew Mitchell married Jane Collins, sister of Peggy Collins. They had one daughter named Jane.

This is from the book of the Collins Family in Caroline, note that they have her named as Jenny, not Jane.

24c. JENNY COLLINS, dau. of Thomas Collins, Jr. and Margaret, his wife, of Caroline County, married Andrew Mitchell. Andrew Mitchell was the son of John Mitchell, who died in Caroline in 1807, and brother of Reuben Mitchell, who married Peggy Collins, sister of Jenny. (Caroline Chancery Papers) This Mitchell family were descendants of an emigrant who came to Caroline from England in the early 18th century. There are no descendants of this particular family to be found in Caroline today. They may have moved west or the family may be extinct, having had no sons to carry the family name.

There were descendents, including males, for some of the family moved west by one county - to Spotsylvania. Secondly, I only know of one John Mitchell who came to America from Great Britain (Scotland) but I don't know how he came to the conclusion that he was the same John Mitchell.

Andrew and family were living in Spotsylvania County Virginia with 11 slaves in 1820 but by 1830 he only had 8 slaves.

Andrew acquired a total of 442 acres which he repeatedly had to mortgage and eventually sell in 1832. From 1812 to 1828 he did nine deeds of trust (loans on his property). Once in 1823 and again in 1831 he relinquished his rights in part of his land.

These loans were from his brother-in-law James Wilson and wife Caty. Twice he advertised his property in the Virginia Herald-on 25 Oct 1823 and again on 12 Nov 1823. His debt to Robert Crutchfield was $1,338.67, a considerable sum in those days.

Virginia Herald 5 April 1828Virginia Herald 5 April 1828

Sell off - Pay off & go off.
I wish to sell the tract of land, on which I now live, containing 442 1/2 acres lying in the county adjoining the lands of Mr. John Penny, James Wilson and others, about ? miles from Fredericksburg and lying on the road from the ? place to the Orange Springs. There is on this land a considerable plantation cleared, a tolerable good dwelling and other houses, and an excellent apple and peach orchard. It is unnecessary to say more respecting this land at present, as I presume any person wishing to purchase will first view the premises and judge for themselves. As I wish to sell this land for the purpose of paying my debts and removing with my family to the Western Country, I will make the payments (easy) upon a part being paid in cash or negroes - Any person wishing to purchase, will apply to the subscriber living on the premises. Andrew Mitchell

James Mitchell

Spouse: Mary Henshaw
Marr: Bef 1786

As in the case of John, there were also a number of James Mitchell's. These two names seem to be the most frequently used names. Through a process of elimination I believe he is the James Mitchell who married Mary Henshaw.

James married Mary Henshaw before 1786 as she is listed as Mary Mitchell in her father's will dated that year. Samuel Henshaw's will was presented in 1788, which means he probably died that year.

In 1793 James Mitchell was given the power of attorney of Thomas Noel to sell or secure land in "the forks of Elkhorn, in the county of Woodford", Kentucky. James was acting as his agent.

Five years later, in 1798, James Mitchell was still in Kentucky, Logan Co., when he sold his wives share of land she inherited from her father, Samuel. James Mitchell, John Henshaw, and William Henshaw (who married John Mitchell's daughter Nancy), sold their shares to Ellisson Noell (Jr.) who also married a daughter of Samuel Henshaw's named Margery.

I believe this is the same James Mitchell who in the early 1800's appears in Madison County VA with the other children of Samuel Henshaw and the family of his brother, Mark Mitchell.

Mary (Molly) Mitchell

Mary married William Sale who was executor of her father's estate and guardian of her sister, Pheby's children:

The estate of John Mitchell, decd., by William Sale, Executor, ordered to be distributed in eight equal parts to James Mitchell, Caleb Mitchell, Reuben Mitchell, Andrew Mitchell, James Newman in right of his wife Sarah Mitchell, Loveless Mitchell as administrator of Mark Mitchell, decd., William Sale in right of his wife Mary Sale and William Sale as guardian to the children of Pheby Sale.

Sarah Mitchell

Born: Abt 1784

Sarah married James Newman before the settlement of her father's estate in 1809. She was in Essex County Virginia in 1786 and in Caroline County by 1810 where she had 2 children in her household.