Born about 1760 and died 1808.

Mark was over 21 in the 1782 Essex County Virginia tax list, so he had to of been born before 1761. The name of his first wife is unknown, though he did have 4 children with her: two girls and two boys born between 1778 and 1787.

The British surrendered in Yorktown in 1781 marking the end of the Revolutionary War which began in 1776.

Mark as overseerTobacco was the main crop of Essex County. A foreign visitor to the area once remarked, "It was here I saw that everyone smokes, men, women, girls and boys from the age of seven years." This required a great deal of labor and the indentured servant had been replaced with slaves. By 1790, slaves were the majority of the population of Essex County. This newspaper article of 1792 shows Mark Mitchell was an overseer at Blandfield Plantation. In 1793 Mark is listed in the will of James Shaddock as the husband of Margaret Peggy Shaddock. She gave him 4 children between 1794 and 1800.

Mark evidently fell on hard times, as he is brought to court twice in 1799 because of an outstanding debt. In 1800 he had only one slave, with one to three slaves being the average for most farmers of the time.

In 1803 Mark's son Lovelace married Sara Sally Mitchell from the neighboring county of Caroline. She was orphaned at the time and Mark signed an affidavit saying she was old enough to marry on her own. Then, a couple years later Mark was made constaple of Essex for a 2 year term. It was the only position not sought after by the gentry, but was still a respectable position, nonetheless. He also acted as a witness in court.

In 1806 Mark inventoried the estate of his friend and neighbor, Ellison Noel Sr., and appraised the estate of Ellison Noel Jr. In 1807 Mark's father, John, died, then in 1808 Mark died. At that time he owned 4 slaves: Letty, George, Hannah and Winny.

Essex had been farming their soil longer than any region of America and in the 1800's they were beset with problems accumulated over generations. Many farmers joined millions of other Americans in the rush to the virgin lands of the west. Several of Mark's children did just that, and including his widow, they moved to a western county in Virginia named Madison. Many of their neighbors and friends also moved there.

Mark's son, Lovelace, takes over the administration of his estate in 1812 and guardian of his orphaned (under 14 years old) children. It shows Lovelace paid from the estate for schooling, so these children were fortunate to have received an education. If people could not afford to pay for education back then, the children were frequently bound out (indentured) to learn a trade. Schooling was usually for 3 to 4 years and consisted of reading, writing and arithmitic. Girls were lucky to receive any schooling at all. It was also around this time in history that the United States was at war with Great Britain, which spurred on a depression that lasted into the 1820's.

In 1814 his widow Margaret remarried to Matthias House in Madison County Virginia. He was 26 years older than her and he soon died 15 years later. It is not clear when Margaret was born

Children of Mark Mitchell and unknown first wife

Nancy Mitchell

Nancy was the first of her family to move west to Madison County Virginia. Her mother and other siblings came after the death of her father, Mark. They moved to Madison County Virginia before 1798.

Nancy married William Henshaw who later played a very prominent roll in the Mitchell family. He signed on marriage bonds, was administrator on estates, guardian to Lovelace's orphan children, etc.

In 1786 they received 2 slaves from William's fathers estate, named Joe and Sarah. In 1810 their family owned 8 slaves but by 1820 they had 16. Both Nancy and William are still alive in the 1850 census of Madison, both being in their 70's.

Nancy's son (William Henshaw) married her sister, Phoebe's, daughter (Belinda House). Then later their daughter (Eugena Henshaw) married Nancy and Phoebe's brothers, Lovelace's, grandson (Walker Mitchell).

Phoebe Mitchell

marriage bondPhoebe married Aaron House in 1811 in Madison County Virginia. In 1816 he acted as security and witness on the marriage bond of James Taylor and Betsy Mitchell (Phoebe's sister) and the next year he did the same for Rowland Yowell and Sally Mitchell (also Phoebe's sister).

It appears that Aaron House loaned Lovelace money, as he collected on 2 notes from the settlement of Lovelace's estate.

Lovelace Mitchell

Lovelace has his own page, as he is my great-great-great-grandfather. He married Sara Sally Mitchell and had 3 children. They both died young, being in their 30's.

William Mitchell

marriage bond of WilliamIn 1808, William stayed "on the plantation after the death of Mark Mitchell to take care of the crops and estate." Back then, all farms were called plantations. Then in 1827 he purchased land in Madison County Virginia. By 1836 he had taken out a loan by putting up 200 acres in trust. He was dead by the next year.

William married Elizabeth Lipp of Madison County Virginia in 1811. They had 9 children, all but 2 were girls. He named his first son after his brother, Lovelace. This Lovelace later owned land on a mountain which was named after him - Mitchell's Mountain. He was also a confederate in the civil war.

Only 2 of his 7 daughters married, as far as I can tell. In 1881 his children received his share of his father's estate, it took that long to settle.

I can not be sure, but I believe he is the William Mitchell in 111 Regiment, Parkers Militia in the War of 1812 out of Madison Co. VA.

Children of Mark Mitchell and Margaret Peggy Shaddock

John Mitchell

This John Mitchell was the person I found in the neighboring county that caused me to make the connection to Lovelace's family and back to Essex County and 2 more generations. The record was his death listed in the Culpeper Death Register in 1874, which was not indexed.

When he was 14 years old his father died and his brother-in-law William Henshaw was made his guardian. Then 4 years later his half brother, Lovelace, was made his guardian.

There was a John Mitchell listed on the muster roll of Humes Co. of Light Infantry, 82nd Regiment in Madison Co. on 9 Aug 1814. This was more than likely this John, son of Mark, as he was 20 years old at the time and the only other John Mitchell I know of in the county was the son of Lovelace, and he was 10 years old.

By 1850 John Mitchell is living in Culpeper County Virginia. He is living with his sister Phoebe House, her widowed daughter-in-law Mahala Willis House, and Mahalas 5 children. Before John dies in 1874 he has married Mahala.

Sally Mitchell

will of Rolan YowellWhen her father died William Henshaw was made her guardian, and just as her brother had done, four years later they made Lovelace her guardian.

When she married Rowland Yowell in 1817 it says her father was James Mitchell, but that was incorrect because she later received her part of her fathers estate when they settled Lovelaces estate. Sally had 6 children with Rowland.

Betsy Mitchell

marriage bond of BetsyBetsy may of been a twin of Sally, but it is more likely she was born the following year. When her father died William Henshaw was made her guardian and 4 years later Lovelace Mitchell was.

When she married James Taylor in 1816 it also says James Mitchell was her father, but this was also incorrect. They lived next door to Lovelace Mitchell and James Taylor is mentioned in several deeds and bonds with the Mitchells.

As a side note, one of her two daughters married a child of Michael and Lucy Tanner, just as all of Lovelaces children did.

James Mitchell

There were several James Mitchells at the time and therefore hard to be certain which facts pertain to which James. It is very likely this James married Nancy Ann Bohannon in 1821 in Madison County Virginia. The Bohannons came to Madison from Essex, just as the Henshaws and Mitchells did. Also with the process of elimination and consideration of age, it is fairly certain that he did marry this woman.

Just as his siblings got William Henshaw as their guardian when their father died, so did James, but he is the only one who did not have Lovelace become his guardian later.

When he died in 1828 his 5 slaves where given to his widow and two children.