Born 19 November 1869 and died 29 July 1952.

In 1893, when Powhatan was 24 years old, he married Willie Reynolds, who was only 17 years old at the time. Powhatan was a farmer then.


Five years later, in 1898, he purchased 80 acres "near the mouth of Pedlar River, adjoining the lands of B.L. Mitchell (his father), etc." In all, he had 120 acres. Tobacco and corn were his cash crops.


Willie gave birth to 2 boys and 3 girls. The 4th girl died in 1906 and 6 months later, Willie herself died. Powhatan was left with 5 children ranging in ages from 2 to 11 years. His sister Lillie Lou came to live with him and help him out until he met and married Lillie Coral Carter in 1908.


Lillie's mother died when she was 10 years old. Since she was the oldest of her 5 other siblings, she had to step up and help her father with raising them and keeping the house while he worked the farm. Then when she was 21 her father died and she had to finish raising her siblings by herself. Within the next 8 years I suppose she felt her job with them was done, because it was then, in 1908, that she married Powhatan Mitchell - a man 11 years her senior with 5 small children of his own. Over the next 15 years, she gave birth to 8 children, 1 of them dying at birth. My mother was the baby of all these children.


In Amherst Co. VA in 1920 Powhatan bought 40 acres "not far from James River and near the ferry at Pearch." This land belonged to his brother, Charles C. Mitchell. Twenty five years later he sold this land to his son-in-law C.T. Hamilton and John R. Marten. Grace remembers carrying tubs of tomatoes up the hill from a piece of land her father owned apart from the family farm.


This same year in Bedford Co. VA Powhatan bought two parcels of land totaling 31.2 acres next to his brother Sydney Bolling Mitchell. Four years later he sold it for $1000 less than he paid for it. His daughter Mabel said she was young but she remembers her father and his brother talking alot about buying some land near Lynchburg because they felt sure their children would want to get jobs in town and they were ready to sell the farm.

He built his own house and liked to hunt and fish. He was very much the boss of the house. He didn't drink much and never in the house (out of respect for his wife). He was a stubborn man. His house was renovated (plumbing, heating, electricity, etc.) and was struck by lightning in the 1970's and burned to the ground.

In 1951 Powhatan sold the farm (83 acres) to Malvin T. and Pidgie S. Wooldridge because he was to sick to work on it. He died a year later. Lillie lived another 5 years.

the homestead


Gracie remembers: My father built the house we lived in. I lived there 21 years. There were lots of outbuildings. There was a corn house and a jack house and a hen house and 2 barns. We had a spring house where we put our butter and milk in. My father built them all. He owned 120 acres. When he sold the property the house was still standing. They must have tore down the other buildings.


Daddy used to put his drinking stuff in the corn house. His toddy. He never brought it to the house. There never was electricity while I was living there. Went to spring for water. Brought it up in buckets. We cooked on a wood stove and no air, no fan. It was a dark kitchen. When you ironed you had to put the irons on the stove and by the time you got to the clothes, the iron was cold.


We had 3 bedrooms upstairs, and downstairs a living room and dining room and kitchen. They were all big in size. A lot of my brothers and sisters were married and gone before I was even born. The out house, they would build big holes in the ground and put a building over it. They never emptied it. We used to wipe our butt on the sears robuck catalog. For sanitary napkins we used rags. You had to wash it out and hang it up when you took it off.


We had fireplaces. Daddy got a regular stove to heat the place. It just heated the dinning room and a fireplace in the living room. We had 2 different chimneys. If it was hot in the summer time, we would close the curtains to cool the room so when daddy came in for lunch, it wasn't so hot. In the summer time, the rooms upstairs were so hot you couldn't hardly breathe.


No telephone or nothing. We didn't have a bathtub, just washed out of a washpan. We bathed every once in a while, but not every day. Every Saturday night. There was no deodorant.


Milking the cows was the big job. We had horses and chickens and pigs and dogs and cats. We had about 8 or 10 cows.Tiddly winks was a sweet chicken. I would go outside and he would jump up on my shoulder. Then he got so he was pecking at the other chickens and momma said he's gotta go. I said he can't go. So Mabel said she would eat him. So that night I kissed him real good and put him in his bed and the next day he was gone.We would have 2 big hogs at a time. I remember we had a box for scalding them in. Daddy had the box and shared it with the neighbours. Black people would take the chittlings. We'd make liver pudding. We had a cider mill and we made cider, but not liquor.


Cash crop was corn and tobacco. We made 46 thousand hills of tobacco. We planted 730 hills one day real quick cuz daddy wouldn't let us go out until we finished.Momma used to sell butter. She sold it to her children, Lola and Vera and all them. She used the money to buy coffee and sugar. We grew wheat and had to take it to the mill to be grind up.


When we went to church we had to take our shoes off when we got home. It was the only pair of Sunday shoes we had, so you couldn't ruin them. My daddy used to say I wish I could buy you a corner in that church, cuz my momma wanted to go all the time.


Momma had problems with her eyes, but daddy never did. She had a big thick bible she used to sit up in the window and read that.


We had shotguns and rifles all over the house. I always thought that all men should have a rifle, pocket watch and a knife, cuz all my brothers and father had one. They fished and hunted all the time. They hunted rabbit and squirrel. I used to eat them both. I never did like squirrel much. I never ate possum or deer. Daddy used to have traps. He'd go out every morning to his traps for his rabbits. We had a certain tree we'd put a nail in and hang them up and skin 'em.

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First wife Willie Burtha Reynolds and children

Willie was born 1 February 1877 and died September 1906, 6 months after she gave birth to a stillborn girl they named Willie Alexandria. It is assummed she is buried on the farm in the family burying plot. In fact, Powhatan had 2 children that died at birth, one boy and one girl, and both of them were named Willie.



Esmond Guy Mitchell


Esmond Guy Mitchell

Born 1895 and died 1930.


Esmond never married and died at the age of 37. He enjoyed playing the guitar and worked in a shoe factory. He saved his money and had to quit early because of his crippling rheumatism. He soon had to move in with his sister Earl, who kept him until his money ran out. He then moved back home and was kept in the living room for six years. When he died his legs had drawn up so tight that they had to break them to put his body in a casket. He is buried on the farm in Naola, Virginia. Esmond had his insurance already made out to the undertaker, so the family would not have to do anything. He was a 7th day Adventist and they used to come sit with him every Saturday and read to him from the bible.


Esmond's draft card says he is physically disabled. His death certificate said he was a shoe cutter.



Bertha Earl MitchellBertha Earl Mitchell


Born 10 May 1898 and died 13 February 1943 of a stroke.


Earl married William Curtis Swisher and gave him 4 girls and 1 boy. She lived in the country and sold milk for a living. She kept her sick brother Esmond for a while.


Their children were:

1.) Frances Louise Swisher who married Charles Dennis Nunley. He had a child from a previous married. Frances died of a brain tumor.

2.) Mary Willie Swisher married Paul Whorley and had Mary and Paul, then she married Ben Seymour and had a girl and boy. She ended up in Tennessee.

3.) Ruth Haden Swisher married Capt. William Hendrick and had a girl and 2 boys. They ended up in Iowa.

4.) William Curtis Swisher Jr. was thrown from a horse when he was 13, broke his neck and died.

5.) Sarah Gaynell Swisher married Talmadge Sewell and had 2 boys and 2 girls.



Wealthy Edward Mitchell


Wealthy MitchellBorn 2 May 1899 and died 31 Aug 1972 of gangrene of small bowel.


He worked as a locomotive fireman and then a locomotive engineer for Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company for 44 years.


Wealthy married Hattie Pride White and had the following children:


1.) James Edward Mitchell married Marguriete Ross Elliott who had 2 boys previously, and between them they had 2 girls.

2.) Warren Calvin Mitchell married when he was 43. They had no children.

3.) Frances Marie Mitchell married William Kenneth Dishman and had a son.



Vera MitchellVera Victoria Mitchell


Born 18 August 1902 and died 18 September 1980 of pneumonia.


Vera married Elber Bee Hogan and had 2 girls. She was "thrifty" and a big woman. Vera was a seamstress and strong churchgoer. She was also alergic to flowers. Elber was a fireman for the railroad.


Their first daughter, Eleanor Lois Hogan married Walter Martin Jr. and had a boy who ended up having 5 girls of his own. Eleanor was a nurse.


Their second daughter married Charlie Farris but had no children.



Lola May Mitchell


Lola May Mitchell

Born 11 April 1904 and died 12 December 1992.


Lola married Clarence Terrell Hamilton and they had 1 stillborn boy. She was a good hearted woman, very large in size. She outlived her husband by 13 years and used to board people in her house. She also once worked at a shoe factory.




Willie Alexandria Mitchell


A girl born and died 24 March 1906 and buried on the farm in Naola, Amherst, Virginia.


Second wife Lillie Coral Carter and children.

LillieThey had a radio with a big battery underneath it. Lillie used to listen to Young Doctor Malone and every Saturday night, The Grand Ole Opry. Every Christmas Lillie would go to town with a big black leather bag and buy oranges and fruit to put in the stocking. The last year Gracie lived at home, mother and daughter picked 25 bushels of potatoes.


She was very subservient. Read the bible every day (each evening to the children). She had cataracts. She had long black hair which she would plaid down her back. She had a doctor for birthing her first child and last child. All the others were done by a midwife.


North West Roanoke, A beautiful and most impressive ceremony was performed at the Carter home 1812 third avenue when Miss Carl Carter was united in marriage to Mr. P.P. Mitchell a prominent farmer of Amherst County, and the bride a popular lady of North West. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C.H. Cannon, Paster of Grace Methodist Church South. The bride was attired in cream silk with hat and gloves to match and carried white carnations. Miss Willie Carter sister of the bride was maid of honor, wore white silk and carried pink carnations. Mr. Sidney Mitchell, brother of the groom, was best man. The bridesmaids were Miss Cora Hackworth with Mr. Russell Carter, Mr. Monte Hackworth with Miss Lucy Dooley, Mr. Frank Thomas with Miss Eugie Carter, Mr. Melvin Carter with Mrs. Florence Brown. The Parlor was decorated with evergreens and roses. Miss Gracie Buford played Lohegrin's wedding march. After the ceremony all repaired to the dining room where a most sumptious supper was served. There were about seventy-five invited guests present. Later Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell left for the home of the groom in Amherst County. Where they will reside in the future. They have the best wishes of a host of friends.



Melvin Adie Mitchell



Born 6 Jan 1910 and died 31 Oct 1983 of colon cancer.


Melvin married Sarah Cochran and had 3 sons. He later divorced her and married Hazel Jamison.

He enjoyed hunting and fishing and was a strong churchgoer. Melvin joined the Navy and later became a butcher.


1.) This son married and had 2 daughters.

2.) John Warwick Mitchell married twice. He had 4 children with his first wife and 1 boy with his second wife.

3.) This son married and had 5 children.



Willie Edward Mitchell


Born and died in late 1910.



Powhatan Hubert Monteville Mitchell



Born 28 Aug 1911 and died 18 Jan 1973 in Polk Co. Florida of a stroke.


Powhatan went by the nickname of Tan and his father went by the nickname of Ped. Tan married Grace Iola Scott and had 2 sons.


He was a mechanic and migrant worker. He picked oranges in Florida and apples in Virginia. Tan smoked cigarettes and drank alot. Him and Grace divorced and she later remarried.


1.) His first son married Iris Mae Coffey and had a boy who had a boy of his own and a girl who married twice and had 5 children.

2.) His second son had a daughter named Tina Marie Mitchell Powers and a son.



Mabel Magdellen Mitchell



Born 6 June 1913 and died 22 May 2010. She was almost 97 years old.


Mabel married Victor Owen Ware and they had no children. Owen was 91 when he died in 2001. They were Presbyterian.


Mabel worked at Blair Laboratory for 43 years. Her interest were gardening, cooking, visiting and riding horses.



Rachel Lucille Mitchell



Born 23 June 1915 and died 14 June 1976 of colon cancer.


Lucille married twice, neither marriage went well. First to Lyle Masters and secondly to Richard Tate. Lucille had no children.


She worked as a waitress all her life and saved her money and paid for her house. Despite her sad home life, Lucille was a very easygoing, lighthearted person. A joy to be around.



MildredMildred Ann Mitchell


Born 19 April 1917 and died 9 April 2001.


Mildred's nickname in her youth was Bob. Her husband Charles went by the name of Weedie.


Mildred married Ed North and they divorced. They had a stillborn son. She then married Charles Alexander Mulholland and had a son and daughter.


1.) Her son married and had 2 boys. They moved to the west coast.

2.) Her daughter never married and lived with her to the end.



Helen Marie Mitchell


Born 13 March 1921 and died 8 April 2017


She loved to read her Bible, gardening and singing in the church choir which she did for over 50 years. Helen married James Anderson who died of lung cancer 52 years before her death. They had 3 children.


1.) Her daughter married and had 2 boys.

2.) Her second daughter married and had a boy and girl.

3.) James Carl Anderson was 8 years old and riding his bike when he was struck by a taxi and killed. His skull was fractured.




Gracie Edna Mitchell


Born 23 March 1923 and died 26 August 2006.


Gracie was my mother and has her own page here.


She married twice, having a daughter by her first husband and son and daughter by her second husband.




THE NAMES OF PEOPLE LIVING OR MAY BE LIVING HAVE BEEN OMITTED TO PROTECT THEIR PRIVACY. I have birth, death and marriage/divorce dates of most all of the people on the page, if anyone is interested you can email me for them. mitchell.genealogy@hotmail.com