Died between 1748 and 1750.

I believe that John Mitchell was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth Mitchell. I also believe John had a sister named Sarah who he became the guardian of in 1752.

First we must establish where John lived and what the boundaries were. In 1784 he sold his land in Essex Co. and moved to Caroline Co. It was bounded by Ralph Rowze, Henry Garnett, William Waring and William Waring Jr. (DB32:248)


Following are descriptions of the land surrounding John's: (2:286) 1663 John Catlett to Ralph Rowzee - ½ of 1542 acres on Occupacon Creek. Witnessed by Thomas Hawkins, James Gaines. (24:225) 1747 John Vawter to John Noel 70 acres bounds James Garnett, Wm. Robinson, Wm. Gray, Popoman Run, Boulware, Thos. Ramsey. (24:297) 1748 Silvanus Pumphry to Edward Rowzee - 66 acres on occupation creek "land which Ralph Rowzee deced did give and bequeath by his last will and testament unto his dau Margaret" Witnessed by Thomas Mitchell and Ralph Rowzee. (same book) John Hawkins to John Vawter land bounds Occupation Swamp, James Garnet, Samuel Henshaw. (25:125) 1750 William Maget to Francis and Thomas Waring - 321 acres bounds Edward Rowzee Jr., Samuel Henshaw, Popoman Swamp, Occupa. Creek, James Garnett, Elizabeth Mitchell (25:307) 1752 John Noel to John Rowzee (26:60) 1752 Edward Rowzee Jr. to James Garnett (26:81) 1752 Elizabeth Rowzee to James Garnett (26:155) 1752 Augustine Ramsey to Cornelius Noel on Occupatia Swamp (26:184) 1753 John Noel to John Lee - bounds William Parker, William Taylor, John Garnett, Thomas Waring, James Noell, Henry Samuell, Witnessed by Edward Vawter, Thomas Sale (26:191) 1753 Ann Ripley to James Garnett on north side of Occapatia Swamp (26:239) 1753 Augustine Ramsey to James Garnett on Occupatia Swamp (26:318) 1753 Richard Ripley to John Henshaw land in fork of Occupation Swamp and bounds James Garnett (formerly Covington's) Witnessed by John Mitchell, William Gray, Samuel Henshaw (29:58) 1761 Samuel Noel to Samuel Henshaw bounds Popoman Swamp Witnessed by William and Thomas Boulware

Now, let's back up a minute. John Mitchell married Alice Gray. The Gray's intermarried with the Boulware's. John's son Mark also married into this same Gray line. Mark married Peggy Shaddock, dau of Hannah Samuel, dau of Sarah Boulware, dau of Margery Gray, dau of William Gray. This same William Gray was the grandfather of Alice Gray who married John Mitchell. Sarah Gray, grand daughter of Margery Gray Boulware, married Ralph Rowzee. The cycle goes on and on.

John Mitchell's children intermarried with the Sale's, Henshaw's, and befriended the Newman's, Hawkin's, Noel's, etc. In 1753 John Mitchell (born about 1730) witnessed a deed from Richard Ripley to John Henshaw. In 1760 John Mitchell and Samuel Henshaw survey a line between Hawkins and Thomas (Land Trials 1741-1760). Now we have all the players, neighbors marrying neighbors, cousins, etc.

In the old Rappahannock Co. (which was Essex) in 1678 (1677-1682:208) George Jones sells 600 acres to Thomas Mitchell and his wife Mary. Evidently they were unable to pay for it and George Jones took it back and resold it (1682-1686:61). This land was on the north side of the Rappahannock River, thus Richmond Co.

In 1748 Thomas Mitchell witnesses a deed (24:297) from Silvanus Pumphry to Edward Rowzee, land on Occupation creek. Other witnesses were Ralph Rowzee and Margaret Samuell. I noticed a pattern of neighbors and friends acting as witnesses on deeds and wills. Now in 1750 (25:125) when William Maget sells to Francis and Thomas Waring 321 acres, it is bounded by Edward Rowzee Jr., Samuel Henshaw, Popoman Swamp, Occupa. Creek, James Garnett, Elizabeth Mitchell and Edward Rowzee Sr. This indicates to me that Elizabeth Mitchell was a head of household and therefore widowed. I believe that Thomas Mitchell lived there previously, hence Elizabeth's dead husband.

This would indicate that Thomas Mitchell died between 1748 and 1750.

In 1752 (guardian book 1:143) John Mitchell is made guardian of Sarah Mitchell orphan of Thomas Mitchell. Acting as sureties were Edward Rowzee and Thomas Newman. Children under 14 yrs were assigned a guardian. I believe in this case, as in Lovelace Mitchell's case, the older brother became the guardian. This would also indicate that John had become head of household, as the following deed will show.

Then in 1753 (26:318) John Mitchell witnesses a deed between Richard Ripley and John Henshaw for land in the fork of Occupation Swamp bounded by James Garnett (formerly Covington's). Other witnesses were William Gray and Samuel Henshaw Jr. I'm convinced this is my John Mitchell and is about land near to his.

John's mother, Elizabeth Mitchell dies before 1757 when he becomes administrator of her estate. She died without writing out a will (hence the administrator). Thomas Parker acted as his surety. (10:144) The appraisement of her estate by John Mitchell is signed by Thomas Andrews, Mark Andrews, and John Henshaw. (10:148) Mark Andrews shows up frequently in documents relating to John Mitchell's children and friends (Noel, Sale, Henshaw). This strengthens my belief that this is referring to my John Mitchell. Then in 1760 (11:234) John Mitchell makes payments from Elizabeth Mitchell's estate to Capt. James Garnett, Edward Rowzee Sr. and Mary Vawter. In John Mitchell's own settlement of estate, a legacy was paid to Alice Vawter.

Thomas and Mary Mitchell from the late 1600's could in fact be a different Thomas. There were several John Mitchell's in the county at the same time, thus making it extremely difficult to pin point which document was referring to my John Mitchell. The other John Mitchell's came from a Mitchell family in the southern part of Essex Co. I could stretch it and say my Mitchell family was related to them, but that would be hard to prove. It's very likely, though.

In the early 1600's a male Mitchell married Sarah Lovett. They lived in Lancaster Co. VA. They had 5 sons: Robert who married Mary Sharp, George who married Hannah, John, James who probably married Ann, and William who married Margaret. I found records for the children of Robert, George, and William. Robert's grandchildren are the Mitchell's that can be found in Richmond Co. VA. In a book on Richmond Co. it says that this Mitchell family came from Perthshire (which is in Scotland).

I believe this John Mitchell is the head of the Mitchell family in southern Essex on Green Swamp. I know that he had 2 sons: John who married Ann, and William. I only know of John's descendants. The first John died around 1701. He married Jane, who when widowed, married a Webb. Her granddaughter, Jane Mitchell, married Robert Webb - and great granddaughter Catherine Mitchell also married a Webb.

Anyway, I further believe that John and Jane Mitchell had 2 other sons: Thomas and Peter. They are not mentioned in connection to him because they moved on to land apart from his. I can not prove this relationship, though. This would be my Thomas Mitchell, father of John.


There were two John Mitchell's alive during my John Mitchell's lifetime, from this southern Essex family. And one John Mitchell who was the son of Peter. That make's a total of 4 different John Mitchell's in Essex County at the same time. A nightmare to figure out which one a document is referring to.